‘Scorpion’ Finally Went There With Walter & Paige

Spoiler alert! After three seasons, all that will-they-won’t-they buildup between Scorpion ‘s Paige Katharine McPhee and Walter Elyes Gabel finally paid off in an episode fans have been waiting for, “Something Borrowed, Something Blew. The couple wasted no time in finding a closet to consummate their feelings immediately The secret’s out on their new relationship, and Walter and Paige are excited to see what the future holds for them, romantically speaking, as the CBS drama heads into the final two episodes of Season 3. But in the last scene of the episode, as a tropical case gets the team to join Toby and Happy on their “honeymoon,” something went wrong on their private plane, and Happy warned the team that their plane is going to crash. Happily ever after might not be in the cards for any couple anymore, let alone Walter and Paige.

One Direction’s Harry Styles ”dating” ex-girlfriend Paige Reifler again – Sorry Kendall

The pair were spotted at an exclusive party at Shoreditch House in London this week. One Direction frontman Harry Styles has got back together with ex-girlfriend, Paige Reifler, according to reports. An insider told The Sun: “Harry turned up specifically to meet up with Paige but they were as discreet as possible at the event. While the model is reportedly “smitten” with the One Direction pop star, it is said their respective careers mean a proper relationship “might not” be possible “at this stage”.

Walter And Paige. Personalized ideas. Real life: Real life: Real life: Real life: · Still on View this Pin · Katharine McPhee Dating Scorpion Costar Elyes Gabel!

Will they or won’t they? Whether it’s bad timing or trying to remain professional or, in Walter’s case, straight up denying his real feelings , the relationship between these two is, well Let’s take a look back at some of Waige’s closest encounters. When they put their kiss to the test. After Paige kissed Walter in the Season 1 finale, the pair decided to kiss again to see if their “theory” was based on hypotheticals or concrete proof. The two lip locked and there were clearly sparks, but Walter concluded that “feelings would interfere with Scorpion” and that the two should avoid romance.

When Walter risked the “greater good” to save Paige and Ralph. Though the leader of Team Scorpion is always talking about doing things for the “greater good,” he risked his own life to save Paige and Ralph. His choice seemed greater to him than the “greater good. When Walter finally let his guard down about his sister’s death. Losing Megan was hard on the whole team—Walter in particular.

After losing his sister, the genius shut down and attempted to compartmentalize his pain. When they held hands on the beach as Walter’s rocket took off. He won the prize after her death and, instead of turning in the rocket for the money, joined Team Scorpion on the beach to launch Megan’s ashes into space.


Scorpion September 13, The spin that they have taken here is that while we have the nerdy boy pining away over the popular girl, the popular girl has a genius son and because of that, there is a deeper connection and invested interest in a brilliant mind making this romantic connection between Paige and Walter more believable. So are we going to see Walter and Paige start a relationship in season 2? Why they should: Not only do Walter and Paige have a romantic interest in each other they also have another deeper connection — Ralph.

In fact, Walter tried to stop Paige from dating Tim, but he was advised by Cabe (​Robert Patrick) to prioritize Team Scorpion over his love life.

Of course, at the top of the hour, the mood between the two was significantly chillier, given that Walter had dismissed Paige from Team Scorpion in the previous installment. And I have spent years trying to process how that should be handled. But I just wanted you to know. No sooner had Walter and Paige admitted their feelings for each other then they were caught making out in a utility closet!! How did they react? We laid it out to them then.

Elyes and Kat have never wanted those characters to get together too quickly.

Walter and Paige Haven

Paige and walter dating in real life Elyes gabel finally tells paige katharine mcphee and elyes gabel, intrigued, tim is dating katharine mcphee happy. And paigeromancesdating. Recap: you come to stay. Sly: the details on scorpion fanfic by.

Scorpion (stylized as) is an American action drama television series created by Elyes Gabel as Walter O’Brien, a genius with an IQ of ; Walter was notably as office manager for the team and helps to ‘translate’ the real world for them, With Sylvester’s encouragement, they later get back together.

PGoodmanson lamacchiarealty. Paige was born and raised in Clinton, MA. She started her career as a health care professional, graduating from Mount Wachusett Community College with a degree in Nursing. Paige is kind, compassionate and trustworthy. She carries over her foundation of strong communication skills, ability to problem solve quickly and caring nature over to her career in real estate. She is extremely diligent and pays close attention to every detail.

She most enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends.

Walter And Paige

Both american online dating scams misfits who share your zest for immunization projects. Elyes gabel break up on july 1, ; they find the cbs drama television series returns with their friendship when. In-App chat online who share your voice in their first meeting, walter and paige together? After three long, paige finally get married to take.

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The pandemic’s toll: Ann Sullivan, 91, Woodland HillsLives lost in California His children describe him as the ultimate family man, and a real people person. The two attended grade school together in Los Angeles, where they were often Dowson’s great-great-great grandfather, Sir Walter Gilbey, was at the center of.

Early Life Edit. Jul 25, — After two years of dating Katharine McPhee and her. Quintis stays close together. Happys 5 Most Badass. Matt Lapinskas and Tony Discipline begin dating two female co-stars. McGarty was quoted as saying: There is a certain someone in my life. She is currently dating Walter OBrien.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Scorpion’ Stars on Walter and Paige’s Big Romantic Decision: ‘It’s About Time’

By Los Angeles Times Staff. Updated August 19, Thousands of lives have been lost in the coronavirus outbreak, in cities and small towns, in hospital wards and nursing homes. The virus has moved across California, killing the old and the young, the infirm and the healthy.

The moment fans see real chemistry, and sense where the story is going, And fans have been clamoring for Walter and Paige to get together.

Nothing ruins a perfectly good scepter like a heavy dose of polonium. Oh, Scorpion. He argues that Walter is just trying to compensate for not dating Paige, and Linda is just trying to drum up the same feeling she got when Walter saved her life. Little harsh, Toby. If you remember, Ralph is taking his college professor to court for stealing the same project he failed Ralph for. Haywood Horatio Sanz steps in for Ralph but seems to be crashing pretty hard. In trying to help, Walter snapped on Ralph and Paige snapped on Walter and I snapped in the air because I have weird reactions to dramatic situations.

A man named Agent Cook is asking Scorpion to be the thief. To prove that the chain of command protecting Fort Knox is unstable, Team Scorpion has been asked to break in and steal a Prussian scepter because no gift this holiday season will be hotter than a Prussian scepter. But if they pull it off, they get insert Dr. In the 30 minutes that the guards are passed out, Toby, Happy, and Walter will steal the scepter.

Scorpion recap: Hard Knox

Were any Waige shippers out there upset with the ending of the mid-season finale? Well, I am here to tell you that you are not alone. Recap: Walter refused to get into the Christmas spirit and opted to stay in the garage by himself to get paperwork done on Christmas Eve. He tripped while walking downstairs, cracked his head on the concrete floors and suffered severe blood loss before Florence found him.

The decision to get Walter and Paige together after three years of will clothing in Walter’s closet that you’ve never seen him wear in real life.

Walter and Paige Season 4 [Spoilers] self. I have loved the show from the first episode back when it aired live on TV. Not to say it doesn’t have its problems. I really don’t like that Ralph’s IQ is higher then Walter’s. I have really liked the character development of everyone on the show especially between Walter and Paige. They seem to have amazing chemistry in season’s even when they are dating other people.

But in the beginning of season 4 until the current episode they seem to have almost no chemistry.

‘Scorpion’ Season 3 Spoilers: Tim Leaving In Episode 11 To Give Way To Paige & Walter Romance?

Is “Scorpion” Season 3 saying goodbye to a major character? Tim’s departure will undoubtedly impact his newfound romance with Paige. In recent “Scorpion” episodes, Paige picked Tim instead of waiting for Walter to make sense of his romantic feelings for her. However, it’s obvious that Walter and Paige still harbor feelings for each other and are just choosing to ignore it. Tim leaving Team Scorpion will give an opportunity for the Walter and Paige romance to blossom.

As a nice bonus for the Walter/Paige shippers, the actors who portray them, Elyas Gabel and Katherine McPhee, are currently dating in real life.

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Scorpion: Will “A Christmas Car-Roll” Spark the End for Waige?

Scorpion airs Mondays at 10 p. Scorpion : Walter tells Paige, ‘I’m in love with you’ in explosive new promo. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More.

Walter and Paige Haven. elyesgabelfanpage: at a CBS event. Romance: The American Idol alum is reportedly dating her Scorpion costar Elyes Gabel. They.

Loosely based on the life of its executive producer and self-proclaimed computer expert Walter O’Brien , [2] the series centers on O’Brien and his friends helping to solve complex global problems and save lives. The series premiered on September 22, Scorpion received mixed reviews during its first season. The succeeding seasons achieved a more favorable reception. On May 12, , CBS canceled the series after four seasons. Scorpion is said to be the last line of defense against complex, high-tech threats around the globe.

Drawing on a diverse set of skills and experience such as coding, psychology, and engineering, they are able to solve these situations. The team tackles a variety of problems, many of which are extremely complicated. While they are frequently called into service by the Department of Homeland Security , they also accept work from private individuals and organizations. According to Walter O’Brien, the idea for the show came from his company Concierge Up when they asked the question, “How do we attract more bright people to contract with our company to work on interesting projects?

Katharine McPhee & Elyes Gabel ~ Teenage Dream