Matters of the heart: Sex and cardiovascular disease

My health has always served as an extra filter for my relationships, romantic or otherwise. One man asked me to be his girlfriend on a Friday night and then broke up with me on Sunday, citing his desire for biological children as the sticking point. At 19, starting a family was far from my mind, but I had opened up to him about my inability to bear children while sharing more about my disease. Other PH patients had told me similar stories of rejection due to life expectancy, childbearing, and health maintenance issues. One patient shared that his teenaged girlfriend broke up with him because she thought it would be too difficult to be more than friends when he died. Soon after my heart-lung transplant, I asked my nurse practitioner how long I had to wait before kissing someone on the lips. Six months?! And even then just a discussion? In my pained and drugged state, I felt hopeless. I resolved to be a cat lady.

Atherosclerosis & ischaemic heart disease: Here to stay or gone tomorrow

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After a heart attack, you relationships and sex life may be impacted. This is normal. Just take things slow, communicate and get help if you need it.

Someone with heart failure may experience symptoms such as fatigue, breathlessness, oedema and pain. Towards the end of life, health and social care professionals can support the person by helping to manage their symptoms and talking to them about how they want to be cared for, now and in the future. What is heart failure? What are the symptoms?

How can heart failure affect people towards the end of life? How can I support someone? When should I ask for help? Useful resources. Key points. Acute heart failure is when the symptoms of heart failure come on suddenly, when heart failure is diagnosed for the first time, or if symptoms suddenly become worse during long-term chronic heart failure. At any stage of someone’s illness, heart failure can have a significant psychological impact on a person.

Cholesterol & Nutrition: TLC

This is the most common type of birth defect. But it is fully formed by 8 weeks into the pregnancy. Certain steps must take place for the heart to form correctly. Or a single blood vessel is formed where 2 should have been. Most congenital heart defects have no known cause. Mothers will often wonder if something they did during the pregnancy caused the heart problem.

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First dates are tough enough, but one couple’s first outing turned into an unexpected medical emergency. Max Montgomery, a year-old man, was paddleboarding on a first date with Andi Traynor in Santa Cruz, California, when he felt an unusual burning sensation in his chest. After pulling himself out of the water, Montgomery collapsed onto the sand; he was having a heart attack.

Traynor, a doctor, immediately came to his rescue, performing CPR to save his life. Traynor kept him alive until an emergency crew arrived to take him to the hospital, where Montgomery had bypass surgery the next day, according to the Today show. Ten months later, Montgomery has made a full recovery—and the pair is still dating! Montgomery and Traynor are sharing their story to bring attention to life-saving CPR, turning their first-date trauma into a cause.

They’re the brains behind a CPR workshop program that’s part of Montgomery’s nonprofit, Paddle4Good , of which Traynor is a board member. In an interview with Today , Montgomery revealed that heart disease runs in his family. His grandfather and aunt both died of heart attacks, and his own father had an episode at That being said, Montgomery leads an active lifestyle, is an avid runner, surfer, and paddler, and shared that he even ran

Heart failure

And then what she perceived as nervousness escalated into sweating and tightness in her chest. A stroke? How could it be?

ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines endorsed by your National Society. Date. Title Valvular, Myocardial, Pericardial, Pulmonary, Congenital Heart Disease;.

Atherosclerosis, with its clinical manifestations such as ischaemic heart disease IHD , stroke and peripheral arterial disease, is a leading vascular disease worldwide 1. The belief that atherosclerosis is a disease of the modern society is inaccurate. Studies in mummies dating as far back as BCE have evidenced the presence of atherosclerosis in all vascular beds and across various geographic regions, cultures and lifestyles of that time 1 , 2.

Although predisposing factors for atherosclerosis in ancient populations remain obscure, the use of domesticated animals and consequently a fatty diet , air pollution exposure to open fire and cooking in living quarters and frequent infections leading to increased inflammatory burden have been postulated 1. The whole-genome study of the Tyrolean Iceman, a yr-old glacier mummy from the Alps, revealed several single-nucleotide polymorphisms known to predispose to atherosclerosis in contemporary humans 2.

These observations may suggest that atherosclerosis is an inherent component of human ageing 2 with a strong gene-environmental interplay in which genes underlie vulnerability whereas the environmental factors determine whether the disease will become clinically manifest 3. This probably represents the oldest documented description of clinical IHD. Following Heberden’s description of angina pectoris in 5 , a series of anatomic and pathological studies by Lobstein who introduced the term arteriosclerosis , von Rokitansky and Virchow described the histological features of atherosclerosis and proposed several theories for its development.

For instance, the Virchow’s inflammatory theory of atherosclerosis stood the test of time and conceptually is similar to the current-day theories that consider atherosclerosis an inflammatory disease 6.

Is Broken Heart Syndrome Real?

You can prevent heart disease by following a heart-healthy lifestyle. Here are strategies to help you protect your heart. Heart disease is a leading cause of death, but it’s not inevitable. While you can’t change some risk factors — such as family history, sex or age — there are plenty of ways you can reduce your risk of heart disease. One of the best things you can do for your heart is to stop smoking or using smokeless tobacco.

At the time of my heart attack I was in a relationship, but that failed because heart disease changed me, I saw that he was not the right man for me.

It is estimated that millions of people are at much greater risk for heart disease than previously realized. Medications aside, what these new guidelines also so vividly illustrate is the growing epidemic of poor dietary habits, obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and sedentary lifestyles that lead to the number one killer in America today. Because of this the ATP intensified the use of nutrition, physical activity and weight control in the treatment of elevated cholesterol and titled it the “Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes” TLC treatment plan.

Even if you come out with a gold star on your cholesterol level and overall risk for coronary heart disease, most of us would surely benefit from implementing these guidelines. The following table can help you implement the guidelines into practical terms you and your family can enjoy and reap heart-healthy benefits:. Your doctor may have prescribed that you start eating a healthy diet, however, knowing what foods fit into a healthy diet can often be difficult and overwhelming.

These new guidelines introduce the latest information known to date on how to optimally reduce your risk for coronary heart disease. You may wonder how you can incorporate these guidelines into your and your family’s hectic lifestyle.

How Do Heart Conditions Affect Dating?

This can make it difficult for your body to get as much blood and oxygen as it needs. This then causes the symptoms of heart failure, such as having trouble breathing, especially after being active. It just needs some support to help it work better. Treatment for heart failure aims to relieve your symptoms and make your heart stronger to improve your quality of life.

Background:Associations of obesity with incidence of heart failure have been observed, crossed over to bariatric surgery were censored at the crossover date.

On the morning of December 15, , year-old Christine Wayne woke up feeling tired and more rundown than usual. Although she had a cold that week, she thought she should feel better. I was so tired with every movement. It was exhausting. Wayne stepped out of the shower, felt lightheaded and then vomited. She thought about calling , but she worried about causing a scene in her apartment building and wondered how much the co-pay for the ambulance would be.

How to know if you already have heart disease in your 30s